Recap of Home Sales in Sabino Mountain in 2022

There were 11 homes that sold in Sabino Mountain in 2022; they ranged in price from $455,000 up to $1,470,000. The rundown goes like this: 1 sold in the 400Ks; 3 in the 500Ks, 2 in the 600Ks, 2 in the 700ks and 3 for over a million.

The year before in 2022 twenty-one homes sold.

The reason there were far fewer homes sold last year versus the year before is that fewer sellers were putting their homes up for sale. The prices climbed and have stabilized with all the houses finally seeing a nice appreciation. Many of the homes in the past few years were purchased by buyers paying all cash due partially due to the much higher interest rates as 2022 progressed. It is notable that the highest priced homes that had prices over a million saw quick sales. Luxury buyers from other states saw the Catalina Foothills and especially Sabino Mountain as a great place to live and hence we saw a dramatic increase in value with luxury homes selling much more quickly than in the past. It is also notable that all Sabino Mountain homes that were sold in the past few years sold quickly with the market clearly being more of a Sellers’ Market. Although in much of Tucson the real estate market has stabilized and is seen as balanced that has not been the case in Sabino Mountain that has continued to be a market favoring Sellers.

***It if you are interested in selling your Sabino Mountain home you can contact me at 520-603-8622 or I have lived in Sabino Mountain for almost 20 years and have sold 15 in our neighborhood.***