Detailed Property Brochures

In every Sabino Mountain home I list for sale I provide a detailed brochure. It includes all major features of the house, updates and upgrades and professional photos. Typically this brochure is at least 3-5 pages long.

If you think most realtors provide this for their Sellers you would be wrong.

When potential purchasers are visiting multiple properties this is especially helpful. They may forget that your house has a 3 car garage when most of the competition has a 2 car garage, is only one example.

As your listing agent I do my best to provide excellent service! Making a positive difference every time!

Catalina Foothills District 16 Open Enrollment

Although it is easy to open enroll children into District 16- Catalina Foothills School District and agents should address this when listing a Sabino Mountain home, many do not. Why? They are not well-versed on the community. Canyon View Elementary and Esperero Middle School are the closest elementary and middle schools in the area and are part of the Catalina Foothills School District that is easy for students to attend if their parents open enroll them. Catalina Foothills High School is a 15 minute car ride away. Bus service is offered and all that is needed is the parents need to enroll their student in this service; the students are picked up near the bottom of Sabino Mountain Drive and close to the gas station or at the corner of Synder and Sabino Canyon Road in front of the pharmacy.

Why is this important? Because many folks searching for homes find the Catalina Foothills – Distict 16 School District to best suit their students needs. Therefore, if the Listing agent does not mention this in the verbiage of the listing potential buyers may not realize that they should look at Sabino Mountain as a potential home.

Since I have lived in Sabino Mountain for over 13 years and have sold 15 here, I know what attracts buyers to our neighborhood. I can assure that most agents do not boast the most important attributes of the community and some potential buyers are lost as a result.

Importance of Having Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent

Did you know that it is common for real estate agents who are listing agents in Sabino Mountain to show in the listing that fire protection is not included in our taxes! In fact some of the houses that are listed for sale now do not show this correctly.

Living in Sabino Mountain fire protection is included in our taxes. This makes our community more attractive than most surrounding Catalina Foothills homes where it is not included. Most surrounding Catalina Foothills owners must pay extra for fire protection by subscription that adds between $500 – over $1,000 annually. In Sabino Mountain, the fire protection is part of our property taxes so is tax deductible, which is not the case with a fire protection subscription.

I have sold 15 in our neighborhood and have lived here for thirteen years. I can assure you this is not a mistake I will make!