Fire is included in Sabino Mountain Taxes

I am amazed that the vast majority of real estate agents incorrectly input that fire protection is not included in the property taxes in our community. All but one of the present listing agents of homes for sale have incorrectly put in the listing this information.

This usually costs between $400 and $2,500 per year and is tax deductible when part of property taxes. Most of the Catalina Foothills has this as an extra subscription that needs to be paid and is not tax deductible. So our community stands out and that it is included in property taxes and it is tax deductible.

Potential buyers would rather have fire protection part of their property taxes and it is a benefit of living in Sabino Mountain.

I have lived here 14 years and have sold many homes in our community. I love it and know our community well. If you are thinking of selling your home, give me a call at 520-615-2598 or email me at I promise excellent service!