A Bargain Flip Sells for 335K on Sunset Cliff Place

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It has only been unencouraging news for the once popular two-story Monterey resales of the almost 3K square foot, two-story homes with 3 car garages and the large first floor master suite. After several sales a year ago were in the 430K range, the prices have only moved down to this one that is rock bottom. 4374 N Sunset Cliff Place is a flip sold by Portofina Realty for the huge bargain price of 335K! The house was bought at auction–fixed up a bit–new carpet and appliances, etc. and then sold after being on the market a little over two month’s time. The comparables are sure to be down with the last 3 sales of this same floorplan going south in the mix (they are as follows: 390K (with pool), 369K (with pool) and then, of course, this one at 335K.

If you are thinking of selling in the near future, now is the time to update your home– get new appliances if you have the original ones, paint, create some new and exciting landscaping, etc. Keep in mind stainless steel upgraded appliances are still the most popular.