Pricing is Everything

In this Buyers’ Market, pricing is everything. I see a few that are listed for sale in Sabino Mountain are priced too high to likely get an offer. On the other hand, I have seen a few just reduce their List Prices and I am betting they will sell soon!

I have sold three in Sabino Mountain in the past 7 months and all sold without a List Price Reduction and also sold fairly quickly–two within two weeks and one at just about the ninety day mark from the date they was listed for sale. I tell my Sellers– list at the right price to begin or the longer you list it and with List Price reductions, the lower the final sales price you will be. Of course, the higher priced, luxury custom homes almost always take longer to sell, but taking over nine months to sell means your home is not List Priced correctly. We have a glut of homes priced over 800K for sale in Sabino Mountain at the present time, and this much competition it usually means you will net less. Additionally the Catalina Foothills has a glut of homes for sale over 800K with far fewer Buyers than Sellers. It is indeed, a challenging time for the higher-end market. However, those Sabino Moutain homes that are priced below 550K should not have a hard time to sell if priced appropriately.

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