10 for Sale at Sabino Mt.

Click on the link: 10 for Sale at Sabino Mountain to see all the homes for sale in our neighborhood.

There are 4 homes for sale on Quail Canyon (from 850K – $1,390,000).

The community sale prices start at 325K (there are 4 for sale from 325K -374K with two for sale on Little Rock, which is a very tiny street, and they are next door to each other) and the highest priced home was Bob Raynor’s former estate in “The Retreat”-priced at $1,690,000.

If you are thinking of sellling your home, give me a call at
. I promise excellent service and professional photography.It should be noted that some of the listings have poor photos which makes them less appealing to the buyers who are viewing them on the internet.

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