10 Sold in Sabino Mountain 2012

Click on the link Sabino Mountain Homes Sold 2012 to view home sales this year in our community.

It should be noted that 7 of the 10 sales were priced under 300K–with prices ranging from 216K to $288,500. The houses priced over 300K are one that was sold for 363K that is the large 3K square foot two-story home with first floor master suite that Monterey– built and two homes on Boulder Canyon that are approximately 3,500 square feet and were built by Outpost Builders that are semi-custom homes on large homesites–one sold for $537,500 and the other with a similar (although not exact) floorplan with pool and spa sold for $610,000. The high-end homes have seen no sales in 2012. It is apparent that some of them are over-priced and will need price reductions to sell. Also summer is not a good time to try to sell expensive custom homes.

Should you want to explore selling your home, please give me a call at 520-615-2598 or email me at Donna@DonnaAnderson.com. Having an agent represent you who knows and loves the neighborhood makes it easier for you to sell your home. I have sold many homes in Sabino Mountain and have lived on Boulder Canyon since early 2004.

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