Why I love Sabino Mountain

My family moved to Tucson from Maryland exactly seven years ago. How we improved our lifes’ by taking the leap of faith! I had lived in Howard County, Maryland for 25 years; had established a thriving real estate business; made many friends, and had owned four homes at different stages of those past years. We decided we were sick of the cold winters and the congestion, so decided to explore a move to Phoenix or Tucson. After looking at both places, we decided that there is a very special beauty of Tucson; we loved that the air was fresher and the congestion was less so than in Phoenix. After renting at The Greens for a month, we came across our piece of heaven on Boulder Canyon. Every day I either walk our neighborhood, or look out my back yard with pristine desert, mountain and city views, and thank God that we made this decision!

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