Sabino Mountain Homes For Sale

I have seen all the Sabino Mountain houses for sale except the semi-custom Monterey on Black Rock Drive that is listed at 1.5 million. Seems a stretch at that price since the comps in that area have been less than half that price. But some folks can keep on dreamin’. And there always will be some agents that will list any home at any price, too! I saw one on Ocotillo Canyon that is priced at less than 400K and is model-perfect and has a 3 car garage on a custom Pepper-Viner lot–it is 2,236 square feet and has no houses across the street with beautiful views of the Rincons. That one should suit some buyer’s fancy.Most of these homes could benefit from having detailed brochures, brochure boxes out front and holding their homes open. The one’s that are over-priced don’t need to bother, because no amount of marketing will sell them.

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