Supply of Sabino Mountain Homes is Vast

Gosh I can not remember a time when there were 15 homes for sale in Sabino Mountain. Homes are for sale from almost 300K – 1. 5 million.
Unfortunately most will not sell at the list prices they are offering. There are a few homes on Ocotillo Canyon in the lowest price- range that have a good chance of selling, but the rest are likely to lanquish on the market until their list prices drop. The two on Ocotillo Canyon that have competitive list prices would benefit from Open Houses. As mentioned in a previous post, I have sold 2 of the last 5 listings I have had at Sabino Mountain by personally holding them open. My in-depth knowledge of Sabino Mountain has helped sell my community homes for sale. All could benefit from brochure boxes since many folks move from one house to another in Sabino Mountain; some are renters; others are owners moving up or down. In this market, you need an aggressive agent, even if your house is priced right.

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