Sabino Mountain Homes for Sale

All the Sabino Mountain listings that were reasonably priced are under contract. I predicted every one that was priced to sell would do so, and they all did within a short period of time. However, the new listings are priced too high with a few sky high, with no likelihood of selling unless there is a serious downward price reduction. Right now it looks to me like all the active listings are overpriced so I can not predict if any of them will sell without a price reduction. That being said, from my experience, some need a 25K price adjustment (smaller non-custom homes) and others need a huge price adjustment. I am amazed that experienced real estate agents will take listings that are so over-priced. It does not work well for the Sellers who are forever chasing the market as the listing is perceived by the buyers and their agents as “stale”. No one else is going for it, so why should they? Homes sell for less the longer they are on the market. The only time this is not the case is when the house prices are clearly appreciating and this is not the case in the present day market. It is clear to me that the Sellers should either reduce the price, rent the home, or wait until the market improves to sell.

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