Eleven for Sale at Sabino Mountain

As we start a new year there are some new offerings in Sabino Mountain and many older listings that have decreased their prices more than once:

4473 N Little Rock 1,583 sq ft $309,900
4318 N Ocotillo Canyon 2,379 sq ft $424,999
4221 N Sunset Cliff Dr 2,904 sq ft $439,000
4129 N Ocotillo Canyon 2,604 sq ft $439,000
4399 N Ocotillo Canyon 2,600 sq ft $449,000
**4128 N Sunset Cliff Pl 2,965 sq ft $459,000
4035 N Boulder Canyon 3,324 sq ft fr. $750,000
4507 N Sabino Mountain 3,185 sq ft $895,000
**4041 N Quail Canyon 3,750 sq ft $1,194,000
**4081 N Quail Canyon 3,676 sq ft $1,195,000
**4085 N Black Rock Dr 3,377 sq ft $1,500,000

** indicates there is a pool

Please note many of these list prices are “wishful thinking” list prices. Many of the Sellers will have to become reasonable in their list prices in order to sell. When determining the list price, it is all about the houses that have recently sold, and not about what is listed for sale, since many that are listed for sale are listed too high to obtain buyers.

I will be holding 4128 N Sunset Cliff Place open tomorrow between 1-4, so stop by should you have any real estate questions about Sabino Mountain or any Tucson properties.

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