Then and Now Prices at Sabino Mountain

I thought it might be interesting to compare list prices of some active listings at Sabino Mountain with the price that the Sellers originally paid for them:

4473 N Little Rock $215,000 2001 Now listed at $309,900
4318 N Ocotillo Canyon $276,167 2001 Now listed at $429,900
4221 N Sunset Cliff Dr. $343,000 2005 Now listed at $429,900
4129 N Ocotillo Canyon $370,000 2003 Now listed at $439,000
4399 N Ocotillo Canyon $358,700 2002 Now listed at $449,000
4128 N Sunset Cliff Pl. $318,250 2001 Now listed at $459,000 * Added heated, custom pool after sale
4035 N Boulder Canyon $554,100 2006 Now listed at range price of $775,000 – $799,000
4081 N Quail Canyon $875,000 2005 Now listed at $1,195,000
7605 E Crested Sag. $1,030,540 2004 Now listed at $1,695,000 *Added heated, custom pool after sale

Notes: Not all houses listed for sale are included, because some of the custom homes do not include the final sales cost of the original purchase in the public records.

*In the cases where the two owners added a custom pool they each spent over 100K in exterior pool and landscaping, and this was not part of their original purchase price.

It should be noted that 4128 N Sunset Cliff Place is listed for sale by me.

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