Looking Back at our Move to Sabino Mountain

Exactly six years ago today, my husband and daughter and I moved to Tucson from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan suburb of Columbia, Maryland. We had picked Tucson for its climate and beauty. I have never gone back once to visit, even though I lived there for 25 years. It was such a fantastic decision to leave the harsh and dreary winters and congestion of the suburbs of Washington, DC. It has been a great place to raise our daughter. Yesterday she was outside with her girlfriends, sitting on the sidewalk and chatting for hours, while in D.C. they had two feet of snow. A comparable home in MD. to the one we have at Sabino Mountain would cost almost twice as much and the taxes, groceries and utilitiy bills would be more. My husband’s commute to the Pentagon would normally take 50 minutes in the AM, but at night it would take 1-3 hours. Now he is home from Raytheon in one-half hour. It was a big decision to move here, but we are so happy we did. We love Sabino Mountain and I look forward to many years to come in this beautiful neighborhood.

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