Amazing Esperero Canyon Middle School- Tucson Catalina Foothills- is Awesome

Last year my daughter went to St Gregorys College Prep Middle School. What I found was a mediocre education. So I took her out and put her in Esperero expecting a comparable school. What I found was a much better school, much to my surprise! At the beginning of the school year my hubby said, “You probably will not be satisfied, you are very particular.” You know what I am is so pleased. Academically it is superior to St Greg’s; the teachers are more attentive and she has the same classes every day that include Spanish and Phys Ed. Monday and Wednesday she meets with her Math teacher for extra help if necessary and even though she gets out at 2:30PM, she can go to the libary until 3:30PM to do her homework and be picked up later. She is getting a much better education and more benies from the school that is 2 miles away from our home with a gorgeous view of the Catalina Mountains. I hit myself on the back for paying approximately 20K last year (including lunches, books, sports uniforms, etc) for an inferior education. Will St Greg’s middle school last when anyone can open enroll their kids from Dec 1 – Feb 28th for the next coming year at the Catalina Foothills -District 16 schools–I think not. How lucky our family is to have realized we were putting money down the toilet.

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