Helpful Hints for those Trying to Sell their Homes at Sabino Mountain

Recently I showed a potential buyer some homes for sale in Sabino Mountain. Some things I noticed that could help in marketing the homes for sale are: have good pictures on the listing, replace fire detector batteries so the buyer is not distracted when touring the home with the constant chirping, and open the window treatments to reveal the view. The present real estate market is one in which the buyers are used to viewing homes in model-perfect, almost staged condition, so if you need to replace carpet or stretch it, do so. Price the house within 5% of expected final sales price and the house must be priced to sell, or it will become stagnant and ultimately, sell at a lower price than it would have, had the house been priced well to begin with. Your realtor should constantly check out homes that are new to the market that compete with your home and also she/he should keep you informed of comparable homes that have closed escrow. Based on this information, you should adjust the list price accordingly. Homes are selling fairly well in the 500K and below price-point, but only if the price is competitive. Homes priced from 500K – 1 million are more challenged to sell, and are usually selling at bargain prices. Houses priced over a million are having a very difficult time selling unless they are priced well below the market. There are buyers out there looking for very high-end houses, but almost all of them are bargain hunters.

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