My Observation on Homes for Sale in Sabino Mountain

Most of the homes for sale in Sabino Mountain are over-priced for today’s market. When homes are listed for sale at above-market value and the Sellers are serious to sell, the prices will eventually come down in price, but what the Sellers should realize is that if they listed their homes realistically to begin with, they would have sold for a higher price. There are many studies that prove this and it is perplexing to me to see so many for sale at a price that I think is too high. There are only a few homes listed for sale at fair market value, in my opinion, and one has a pool and is located on Sunset Cliff Place and the other is a large contemporary home on Boulder Canyon that is listed for sale at a little over a million dollars. If the Sellers are not serious about selling, they should take their homes off the market or rent them. Finding buyers that will make an offer on an over-priced home is wishful thinking. It is impossible to get 2006, 2007 or 2008 prices in today’s market.

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