Sabino Mountain – Tax Assessments too High in Some Cases

Wow! Today I was updating my list of names and addresses for Sabino Mountain. I get this update from the Pima County Assessor’s office and found many of you are assessed way too high. I appealed my taxes successfully – three times – they make lots of mistakes, believe me! The first year I moved here, they had my home assessed a lot higher than my neighbors that had similar houses and had pools, etc which I did not. I appealed and won. Then a few years later they brought up my assessment a lot due to my home being a brand new custom home; it is custom but was 6 years old and not a new home; I appealed and won again. Then the next year I had to appeal because of their dumb law that somehow said I had to appeal again because any change they make to their tax assessment valuation is for two years even if you appealed a year ago, it goes back up to the incorrect assessment. Some of the laws in Arizona are very foolish. Some of our legislatures are asleep at the wheel and our assessor has to wake them up! Believe me, I complained to the Tax Assessor personally on the phone! I called until I got him and told him to help change the ridiculous law!
So when your tax assessment for your home in Sabino Mountain comes this year and the assessment seems too high, call me, I will be happy to supply the comps to help prove they are not right if that is the case. There are a few lucky high-end homes that are very under-assessed. The bulk of the homes over-assessed are non-custom homes.

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