The Fortunate Middle School Alternative for Sabino Mountain Residents

I feel very fortunate that my daughter can open enroll in Esperero Canyon Middle School that is only a few miles from Sabino Mountain and is located across the street from Sabino Canyon. She is a 7th grader who attended St Gregory’s last year. I am so glad she is back to a schedule of having all her classes every day; at St Greg’s classes were every other day. It is great that in this year with many budget cuts, she has Spanish and Phys Ed daily. The credentials of the teachers are outstanding. Other things I really like is she is able to stay at the school library for an hour after school and not be part of a paying school care supervisory program. Daily lunches run less than $3.00; at her former school the cost could run about $8.00 a day. Although I have to say my daughter liked the food better at St. Greg’s. There is no high teacher turnover at Esperero. The Math team has free Math tutoring for an hour after school twice a week; to me that is amazing! So although my daughter has only been back to school for less than two weeks, I am very happy with the school.

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