Update on Sold Prices of Sabino Mountain 2009

Here is a list of the final sales prices for homes sold in Sabino Mt in 2009:

In recent years you could not get a home in Sabino Mountain for less than 400K. There were three upscale homes listed for over a million on N Quail Canyon and they all have recently been taken off the market. This year I have met with many potential Sellers who have decided to wait until the market gets better to sell their homes, or they have decided to rent them. There is no doubt about it that the homes priced in the $300,000s in the Foothills are selling well and homes in the $400,000s are picking up speed as well. The lowest priced homes will be the ones to appreciate the most. The over million price range is a very tough sale unless the home is bargain priced since there are so many on the market that are priced well.

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