Several Ridge-top Sabino Mountain Homes for Sale have Expired

There were two ridge-top homes on Quail Canyon that were priced at $1,299,000 and $1,335,000 that expired the end of June. The owners did not renew their listing contracts. This is good for Sabino Mountain! It is never good for a community to have too many homes for sale with most that are listed for sale at prices that are higher than fair market value.

For the first six months of the year the sales have been good at Sabino Mountain versus other Foothills communities, but with most that are now listed for sale being priced above the market, it is unlikely that many will sell for the rest of the year. Of course, there will be others who will decide to list their homes for sale in the future, and as long as they list their homes at fair market value, they will likely sell!

I still see a few for sale at fair market value and they can be found on Boulder Canyon and Black Rock Drive. There is one smaller Pepper-Viner home listed for sale on Saddle View that is priced well, but it needs work.

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