Keys to Selling in Sabino Mountain During Present Market Conditions

During the present strong Buyers’ Market, it is very important to list your house at a price that is no more than 5% higher than the likely final sales price. In determining value, usually, it is relatively easy to ascertain the best price by checking homes that are somewhat similar, and have closed escrow in the past three months. If the house is over-priced, it will continue to lanquish on the market, and when it is reduced at a later time, will lose its beginning luster. Unless the market has stabilized or prices have increased, it will ultimately sell for less than it would have, had it been listed at fair market value to begin with.

Of equal importance is to have your house marketed by an agent who knows Sabino Mountain and who has sold other homes in our community. It is also very helpful to chose an agent who works at the top selling Tucson office, which is Long Foothills. We continuously work together to try to sell our own listings. The Long Foothills Office has been the # 1 selling office in all of Southern Arizona for many years. This office sells more Sabino Mountain homes, as well.

I have noticed that some Sabino Mountain houses are listed at a price-point where they will likely sell, but half the Sabino Mountain listings are over-priced and probably do not stand a chance of selling until they reduce their list price.

If you are considering selling, give me a call at (520) 615-2598. I would be happy to give you a professional market analysis.

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