The Tipping Point at Sabino Mountain

It is likely prices are bottoming and the buyers recognize it and are out there writting contracts. Showings are picking up and the number of Pima County residential sales this year versus last year will be quite a bit higher. The average prices are down, however, by at least 10% in the Foothills. The good news is: if you list now at fair market value, your house will sell.

Sabino Mountain has fared well in the high-end sales; however, the non-custom homes have continued to drop in price each month. If you are buying another house that is larger in Tucson, or if you are moving to a neighboring community in the Phoenix area or in most areas of California, you will make out in the end and save by purchasing now. Phoenix and California sales prices dropped by much more than the Tucson Foothills and hence it is a good time to make the change. Many are buying second homes on the California coast and others who are unemployed are moving to Phoenix where there are greater employment opportunities. Tucson Foothills is gorgeous; the air is pure, the surrounding Sonoran Desert and the multi-mountain ranges are gorgeous; however, unless you work in the health-care industry, or work for Raytheon or the school systems, high-end jobs are limited, hence there has been a little exodus to Phoenix.

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