One Million Dollar + Homes for Sale in Sabino Mountain

I do not know why so many sellers are trying to sell their over 1 million dollar homes at Sabino Mountain at the present time, but I think that there are too many homes for sale in this price range in the same neighborhood. Amongst those for sale are the homes of two local builders. Having too many homes for sale in one small community that are in the same price range, makes the houses harder to sell and usually brings the prices down. For example, Pima Canyon is now having a very challenging time selling homes since so many have decided to put their homes on the market at the same time. As a listing agent, I have always tried to advise potential Sellers when it is not a good time to list their homes. Of course, some can not wait since they may be having financial difficulties or they may have to relocate to another town. But my guess is some are just testing the waters.
The list of over 1 million dollar homes for sale in Sabino Mountain:

4347 N Sabino Mountain $1,075,000
4041 N Quail Canyon $1,199,000
4081 N Quail Canyon $1,335,000
7505 E Crested Saguaro $1,849,000

Although this is great for the potential buyers because they have so much to chose from, this is not good for the owners of Sabino Mountain who want to keep their values where they are. Here’s hoping some of them drop out and wait for another time to sell. I wish those who have to sell, “Good Luck”. I think they are going to have quite a challenge and I am truly hoping I am wrong in this assessment.

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