Prediction for 2009 Home Sales in Sabino Mountain

While many real estate agents may be afraid to predict 2009 home sales, I want to go on record predicting sales will pick up in 2009 since interest rates are at the historic low of under 5%. High-end Sabino Mountain homes have fared better than the less expensive resale Pepper -Viner and Monterey Homes. This trend will continue since a few foreclosures have hit the entry- level homes of our community and this brings the prices of the non-custom homes down. Also mortgages still require a minimum of 10% down in the entry price ranges of Sabino Mountain, and jumbo loans over 417K usually demand even more money down. That being said, Sabino Mountain has always attracted its fair share of those who can afford higher -end homes and many seek our location for its very rare beauty with views of multiple mountain ranges, sparkling city light views and that it is surrounded by the unspoiled Sonoran Desert. Give me a call at 520-615-2598 if you need to find out the value of your home or if you would like to explore the Tucson Foothills housing market.

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