Access for Homes for Sale at Sabino Mountain

I believe that most homes for sale should have a lock box to allow for an easy showing by real estate agents to their respective clients. Lately I have noticed there are some homes that are listed for sale in Sabino Mountain that do not have lock boxes and never hold their homes open on Sundays. Therefore, in order to see the house, the real estate agent who has interested buyers has to make an appointment to meet at the house when it is convenient for the listing agent or one of his/ her representatives to show the house. In this challenging market it makes sense to make showings as easy as possible and have the house held open at least once a month. Of course, there are some situations where it is better not to have a lock box– such as when there is a guard dog present and for safety and liability purposes the sellers and listing agents should take no chances on someone coming in via the lockbox without enough notice of the showing. Of course, the listing agent should check a home often that has Sellers not living in the home at the present time. This is what good listing agents are supposed to do. Real estate agents that show the home can follow directions on how to de-activate and re-activate alarm systems. There should be as few as possible road-blocks to make the house very accessible to potential buyers.

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