Update on the Market for Non-Custom Sabino Mountain Homes

Some of the non-custom Sabino Mountain homes are very affordable now! A year ago you could not find a home for less than $400,000 and now there are a few homes hovering at the 400K mark, and, therefore, it is likely that they will sell for in the high $300 thousands. Late last year we saw a few sales of less than $400,000. The main reasons for this price drop are that many of the competitive homes in the Foothills have been decreasing and financing options are less than they were most of last year: Buyers usually have to put 10% down to qualify for a loan. Sabino Mountain is a great place to live and it is a great time to find a great deal here. Sabino Mountain is in a gated community and the homes are less than 6 years old which makes Sabino Mountain more desirable than many other Foothill’s communities. Most snowbirds leave the end of March, so I hope you snowbirds out there will take a last look-see before you head home. Sabino Mountain promises to please!

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