Some Thoughts on 2007 Sales at Sabino Mountain

It looks like 2008 will be off to a good start with smaller inventory available at Sabino Mountain for sale. Many dropped out when they found it too hard to sell in 2007. Owners who want to sell in 2008 should consider doing some out-of-the-box type things to try to sell their house. It may be a good idea to pay a professional to come in and evaluate how to re-arrange and stage the house. Usually this can be done for as little as $150 and it can make a big difference. High -end houses for sale should utilize professional photography; great photos on the multiple listing sites bring in more buyers. Every home should have a detailed brochure outlining the features of the house, adding a floorplan if available and photos. With so many houses on the market, you do not want the buyer to forget your house. Having your house listed on the agent’s website brings in more buyers than you might think. It is important to have an agent who knows the neighborhood and follows up with each agent that shows the house. The agents that show the house should get another call when there are changes in the listing such as price reductions. A good agent follows up with the Sellers at least several times a week. It is so important to keep the house tidy inside and out; curb -appeal is a necessity in this market. I can not tell you how many houses I have shown at Sabino Mt with smoke detectors chirping, dead plants out front, no brochures and when the price was dropped I was never called to remind me to tell my buyer in case they may become interested in the house now that the price has been lowered. There are some agents who are not experienced in a strong buyers market and you should not chose them to represent you when you sell your home. The listing strategy is quite different under the present market conditions. Sellers need every edge possible.

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