More information on Open Enrollment for TUSD Students to go to Catalina Foothills District 16

The January issue of the “Desert Leaf” has some very interesting information about Catalina Foothills-District 16 public schools open enrollment. Catalina Foothills-District 16 has hired a PR firm to invite TUSD students to apply to District 16! Probably motivated by the challenge that Tanque Verde School system has given to TUSD re: open enrollment, Catalina Foothills-District 16 seems to be following suit. Open enrollment is still going on at District 16 and usually closes the end of February. The article says the Catalina Foothills- District 16 Superintendent is going to send a list of students from TUSD who wish to open enroll at Catalina Foothills and will look for TUSD to respond. Whether or not Catalina Foothills-District 16 will hire attorneys to challenge TUSD remains to be seen. Perhaps they think TUSD will just allow the students to open enroll in Catalina Foothills -District 16 since once “Unitary Status” has been obtained, which should be shortly, it will be a mute point, anyway. I think this is the best time to open enroll since in future years it is likely that there will be too many children trying to open enroll and they will have to deny some students. Once your child makes it into District 16, they have a preferred status over other new out -of -district chldren trying to open enroll in future years. Canyon View Elementary, Ventana Vista Elementary and Esperero Middle School, Catalina Foothills High School are all closer to Sabino Mountain than the TUSD schools. School test scores are higher in District 16 than TUSD and classes tend to be smaller. At the elementary schools the libraries tend to be larger and are better staffed; there are designated full-time certified Spanish, Music, Phys Ed and Art teachers and the after-school CARE program is very stimulating and caring. The guidance counselors are very actively involved in directling and fostering the students. Esperero Middle School has an active sports program that is after-school until 4:30PM daily, so parents will be able to pick children up later than the normal school day. Being able to open enroll into the Catalina Foothills-District 16 schools is a great opportunity for many families. Please note the article mentions a where one can find an application and information about open enrollment at Catalina Foothills-District 16 schools.

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