Sabino Mountain – End of the Year Sales Projections

So far the data looks like there will have been 10 Sabino Mountain homes sold in 2007 with prices ranging from $335,000 for a one -story,Pepper-Viner built, 1841 square foot home on North Little Rock up to $1,350,000 for an custom Outpost- built home on North Black Rock Drive. Last year there were 20 sales (double the number of this year) with prices ranging from $406,000 – $1,900,000. There were more than a few homes that stayed on the market a long time and when they failed to sell, were taken off the market by their Sellers. I sold two homes in Sabino Mountain in 2007; both sold pretty quickly and definitely were marketed very aggressively. When marketing a home in a “Buyer’s Market” it pays to have a real estate agent who knows Sabino Mountain and has strong marketing skills.

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