Catalina Foothills District 16 will be taking School Applications

A Catalina Foothills -District 16- school board member has told me that District 16 will be accepting applications from students now in TUSD for the school year 2008-2009. Traditionally open enrollment begins on December 1st at the District 16 Administrative office on River Rd. Last year open enrollment applications could be faxed in, but this year there will probably be a higher demand, so my guess is they may go back to only accepting applications in person from the parent or guardian. Traditionally letters of acceptance or denial are received by March. The application allows for you to pick more than one school in the order of preferance. The reason they will be accepting applications is they anticipate that TUSD will have to allow students to open enroll outside the district once Unitary Status is achieved, which should be soon. Arizona is an open enrollment state and the only reason children outside of TUSD could not open enroll to other school districts was because there was a discrimination case that started back in the late 1970s which should finally be satisfied soon. Federal Judge Bury will more than likely decide to award unitary status by the end of this calendar year.

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